GCSE & A-Level Sociology 1:1 support

GCSE – £35.00 per hour
A-Level – £45.00 per hour

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We are proud to be launching a 1:1 support service for both GCSE and A-Level Sociology, headed up by a tutor with over 40 years experience in the subject including the exam process and marking.

Areas of support include Social Inequality, Education, Theories of Sociology, Family and forms of inequality (Age, Gender, Race and Class) and any specific elements of the course which students are finding difficult.

Important note: This is a support services only and students are responsible for booking and the cost of exams at their chosen exam centre. Please book your exam centre as soon as you can as this allows time for your pre-release material to be sent to you.

You will be sent an invoice each month for the total cost of the agreed lessons which can then be paid to us via bank transfer.

Once your register with us, an account will be set up for you to access our booking and feedback area.

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