GCSE Film Studies Distance Learning

Thank you for your interest in our GCSE Film Studies Distance Learning Course.

This is a two year course designed to be completed over 42 academic weeks.

The course specification can be viewed and downloaded by clicking here.

The course can be delivered by one of two different options which are detailed below:

Option 1 – Standard Distance Learning

Students are given access to our online learning portal which contains recorded lessons, tasks and assignments for them to complete.

Assignments are completed and submitted to me via the course portal where they are marked and feedback is provided to the student.

Included in this option is a weekly group session with me at either 11am or 4pm (UK Time) every Wednesday of term time. This session is where the students can share any questions and queries they have on what they are working on and also receive their feedback. Email support is also provided for the duration of the course.

The cost for this option is 20 monthly payments of £35 and you can enrol in this option by clicking here. Alternatively, if you would prefer to pay an upfront cost of £600 for the whole course (saving £100), please click here.

Please note that the above fees allow for each assignment to be marked once. If a student wishes to retake the course after it has been completed, then the course fee will need to be paid again.

Option 2 – Distance Learning with 1:1 support

This options includes everything in the standard package except instead of the group sessions, the student is given regular one hour time slots within the week where I will go through all the same content that is in the recorded lesson, but as a live lesson with live support.

The cost for this option is £38 per lesson, and you will be invoiced on a monthly basis for any booked lessons. You can enrol in this option by clicking here.

NEA / Coursework Moderation

In order for student’s to submit their production, they will need to attend four moderation sessions with a tutor. These sessions allow us to provide proof to the exam board that all coursework that has been produced has been done so independently and without unauthorised assistance. This cost of these sessions is £38 per session and will be booked in by the student/parent when the student reaches the following stages of their production process: Planning/Research, First Draft, Final Draft and Evaluation.