Week 1 & 2 - Welcome to A-Level Film Studies
Week 3 - European Film - Core Study Areas
Week 4 - Global Film - European Film - Another Round - The Context
Week 5 - Another Round - Character and Scene Analysis
Week 6 - Another Round - Themes
Week 7 - Global Film - Non-European Film - Taxi Tehran - The Context
Week 8 - Taxi Tehran - Rules and Regulations
Week 9 - Taxi Tehran - Micro Analysis
Week 10 - Global Film - Practice Questions
Week 11 - Documentary Film - Core Study Areas
Week 12 - Documentary Film - Amy - The Context
Week 13 - Amy - The Director and Analysis
Week 14 - Documentary Film - Exam Practice
Week 15 - Hollywood Film 1930-1990 Comparative Study - Core Study Areas
Week 16 - Classic Hollywood - Hollywood History
Week 17 - Classic Hollywood - Auteur Theory & Foregrounding context
Week 18 - Classic Hollywood - Vertigo - The Context
Week 19 - Classic Hollywood - Vertigo - Connotations of Colour
Week 20 - New Hollywood - Alien - The Context
Week 21 - New Hollywood - Alien - Film Style
Week 22 - Hollywood - Vertigo and Alien - Endings
Week 23 - American film since 2005 - La La Land - The Context
Week 24 - American film since 2005 - La La Land - Themes
Week 25 - American film since 2005 - La La Land - Spectator vs Audience
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Course materials, resources, & classroom rules (A-Level)


Course materials are provided each week in the lesson areas. You can access these either electronically, or print them out depending on how you work best. We split up the workbooks to help you move through the course using a little & often approach and helping to embed what you need to know before moving on. Of course, you can always look ahead to the titles of the following weeks to see what is coming up!

Some student workbooks are provided as Google Documents or online pages to make them easy to access, however please bear in mind that these are copyrighted materials and must not be shared with others. Your course fees provide you with a licence to use these for personal use only. If you require these in another format, please let me know.

Students are required to purchase all films for the course individually. Please see the Getting Organised lesson for a list of the required films.

A few classroom rules

Students found to be sharing resources or classroom videos without permission will be in breech of Copyright and may be asked to leave the course and repay any loss of income resulting from these actions.

Our online classroom used for the study group is designed to be a safe and accessible place for everyone. Whilst we try to make the lessons enjoyable and fun, it is important to note that discriminatory or disruptive behaviour is not tolerated.

Whilst we do not implement many rules, the following behaviour is not tolerated for the benefit of both students and staff, and to ensure that we have a happy environment for everyone:

  • Use of discriminatory language or actions
  • Bullying
  • Swearing
  • Interference with technology
  • Plagiarism

If you have any concerns at all during your course, or there is something that you would like us to include to help make the course more accessible to you, please contact hello@jqslearning.co.uk.