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JQS Learning is an educational institution founded in 2019 by Jay Shurey, with a mission to provide high-quality film studies tuition and distance learning courses. Specializing in GCSE and A-Level Film Studies, JQS Learning aims to make film education accessible to students of all ages and from around the world.

Recognizing the importance of flexibility in education, JQS Learning offers students the option to study at their own pace through standard Distance Learning packages. These packages provide comprehensive course materials, resources, and assignments, enabling students to engage with the subject matter at their convenience.

Moreover, JQS Learning goes beyond standard distance learning by offering personalized 1:1 lesson support. This tailored approach allows students to receive individualized attention and guidance from experienced instructors. The 1:1 lessons ensure that students receive targeted instruction, valuable feedback, and a more structured learning experience.

With a commitment to empowering students, JQS Learning aims to foster a deep understanding of film studies while nurturing creativity and critical thinking skills. By combining academic rigor with flexibility and personal support, JQS Learning strives to unlock the potential of its students and help them achieve academic success in their film studies journey.

As a provider of film studies tuition and distance learning courses, JQS Learning continues to make a positive impact on students worldwide, enabling them to pursue their passion for film and broaden their educational horizons.

What courses are currently available?

Our GCSE Film Studies Distance Learning course comprehensively covers all the necessary content to thoroughly prepare students for their exams. Additionally, we provide valuable guidance to students regarding the essential steps required to successfully complete their Production module.

For students who prefer interactive learning with a tutor, we offer personalized 1:1 sessions. These sessions can be scheduled throughout the duration of the student’s learning, or they can be booked as needed, based on the preferences of the student or parent.

In 2022, we introduced our GCE (A-Level) Film Studies course, which is available in both Distance Learning and 1:1 options, similar to our GCSE course. It is not a prerequisite to have taken the GCSE course in order to enroll in the A-Level program. Rest assured, we cover all the necessary content to equip you for the exams and production module requirements.

What else do we offer

GCSE / A-Level Media Studies 1:1 – We have a limited number of openings for Media Studies each year, and these sessions are available exclusively on a one-on-one basis and are designed for students already taking this subject elsewhere. If you would like to learn more about this opportunity, please feel free to get in touch with us.

GCSE / A-Level Sociology 1:1 – We have recently launched a 1:1 offering for GCSE and A-Level Sociology students. This offering is designed for students already studying the subject and looking for extra support.

Video Editing 1:1 – Our video editing sessions are designed for students who possess competent IT skills. During these sessions, we will provide guidance on transforming their video projects into artistic creations by incorporating techniques like keyframing and text application. To learn more about these sessions, please contact us.

KS3 Film Studies 1:1 – Drawing from our GCSE Film Studies program, we have tailored a course suitable for a younger audience, featuring a selection of U & PG films. For further information, please reach out to us.

In development

Screenwriting / Filmmaking Workshops – We have plans to develop micro workshop courses focused on screenwriting and filmmaking. While these courses won’t directly result in an academic qualification, they serve as an excellent foundation for individuals interested in exploring screenwriting or filmmaking as a hobby or profession. The sessions will be divided into age categories, allowing young people and adults to participate in separate sessions.