Tutoring Terms & Conditions

Online Private Tuition – Terms & Conditions
Updated 30 June 2023 (following change in trading name)



Clients are required to provide adequate contact details. This will enable us to communicate with you effectively. Please ensure that you have completed the form on this page prior to the first lesson.

Using the registration form, we will ask you to provide us with your postal address, e-mail, landline and mobile numbers.

We will only use these to contact you with regard to tuition and will never pass them on to someone else unless you request for us to do so or where we are required by law.

You will be required to confirm below that you have read the JQS Learning GDPR statement before commencing tuition. If your child is aged 13 or above, they will also need to complete this form and consent to data regarding their tuition being stored.


Term time lessons:

One-off lessons may be booked direct with JQS Learning by emailing hello@jqslearning.co.uk. Available lessons are confirmed at time of booking and payment in advance will reserve a single lesson.

Regular students’ term time lessons are booked and paid for in advance. Lessons may be booked monthly, termly or half termly. Lessons may be paid by direct bank transfer or Direct Debit. 

Students are expected to attend all booked lessons during term time unless I have informed you that there will be no tuition that week, or if you have informed me at least one week prior to the beginning of the term that you cannot attend on a particular date. In the case of Saturday lessons, the term runs from the first day of the school term to the Saturday after the schools break up.

(Term dates are based on West Sussex County Council term dates and not those of the independent schools).

In exceptional circumstances, where the student is unable to give advance notice of cancellation, your tutor will do their best to offer an alternative date for the lesson that week. However, this is at the tutor’s discretion. During busy exam times, this cannot always be accommodated and the lesson will remain chargeable.


Invoices may be paid by Debit / Credit card, Direct Debit, or Bank Transfer by the due date indicated on your invoice (sent by e-mail).

The account details, for Bank Transfer purposes, are provided on the invoice.

Direct Debit

Parents may opt to pay for tuition by monthly Direct Debit. Payments are handled through GoCardless Ltd. and will provide a Direct Debit guarantee by email.

An invoice will be sent a minimum of 10 days prior to the payment date detailing the costs for that month, after which payment will be deducted automatically.

Late Payment

Payment is due prior to lessons commencing. Where possible, an invoice will be issued via email 14 days prior to commencement of lessons.

Where payment remains outstanding, the tutor reserves the right to place lessons on hold until full payment is made. Paused lessons will remain chargeable in order to reserve the lesson time.

A late payment fee of £15 is charged for any invoice overdue by more than 14 days to cover the cost of administration, with a further late payment charge of 8.75% per calendar month for the duration of non-payment.

Lessons during school holidays

These can be arranged subject to availability and are booked and paid for at the time of booking. Available dates will be emailed prior to each holiday. Regular booking discounts are not applied to lessons outside of term time, or additional study groups.

Booking of Lesson Times

All lessons are booked using the GMT / BST time zone at the time of booking. Where students reside internationally, it is the expectation that the lesson time shall remain at the UK time.

Eg. Where a 9am lesson is booked in BST, after daylight savings, this shall remain at 9am GMT.

Changes to Lesson Times

Where regular lessons are booked, the agreed time will be reserved. Adjustments to agreed lesson time may be made prior to the next half term. Adjustments to times are at the discretion of the tutor and are subject to lesson availability.

No more than one request for adjustment to time will be accepted per full academic term.

Cancellation Policy (One-to-one/classes/online sessions)

see also Termination Policy

If your tutor cancels for ANY reason, then JQS Learning will deduct the cost of the missed lesson from your next bill (or your tutor will try to rearrange if possible).

As regular lessons require a level of commitment, students or their parent are required to confirm any cancellation providing 5 working days notice to allow the lesson time to be reallocated. In exceptional circumstances, such as illness etc. students are required to provide 24 hours notice.

Where sufficient notice is given, and the student has cancelled fewer than five lessons per academic year, a credit note will be placed on the following invoice.


Termination Policy

If you wish to terminate your regular tuition sessions, then we require notice 2 weeks prior to the end of the term/half-term.

This must be given in writing. This enables you to be sure that we have received notice and provides sufficient time for other students to be offered a place.

Failure to give the required notice will result in you being charged for the next lesson after termination.

In the case of students taking A Levels, GCSEs or KS2 SATs you will only be expected to attend up to the date of the first Film Studies exam (unless you wish to continue until the last exam). Parents of children taking SATs will need to inform us if they wish to continue afterwards or finish when the tests take place, prior to beginning of the half term in which they are taken. An assumption will be made that lessons will be terminated from the date of the first exam, unless explicitly requested otherwise.

Time Keeping

Unless otherwise arranged, all one-to-one lessons are 55 minutes in duration, allowing for a few minutes at the end to ensure students are complete and to ensure that lessons commence promptly.

Clients are responsible for arriving for tuition on time, and lessons will end at the designated time to enable the next student to have their full lesson.

If you wish to speak to your tutor in detail, about your child’s progress then please do this during the first few minutes or the last few minutes of their lesson. Alternatively, a further lesson may be booked for this purpose.


Parents are responsible for ensuring that their children know how to behave appropriately. Abusive or discriminatory behaviour towards tutors and / or other students will not be accepted.

We reserve the right to cancel any bookings for students whose behaviour is unacceptable, or where abusive language is used by either parent or student. Whilst this is highly unlikely, you will, of course, receive a refund for outstanding sessions if we need to enforce this.

Student Progress Feedback

If your child has face-to-face tuition, we regularly give feedback to the parent collecting the student at the end of each lesson upon collection. If your child has online lessons, then we will provide a regular short feedback via the student’s online portal to state topics covered and how well the student managed the work.

Special Requests

We reserve the right to charge for special requests. Examples include:

  • the completion of a form/questionnaire for educational psychologists /other education professionals

  • a formal written report regarding student progress

  • countersigning passport applications

  • Marking or written feedback on work outside of lessons
  • Setting of homework during school summer holidays (if you have not booked a course of at least 4 lessons during this time)on